Little Red- A Great New Restaurant

On Saturday night, my brother, his friend, and I went to Little Red, the new Southampton restaurant brought to you by the people of Red Bar, the Beacon, and Fresno. I had high expectations for this meal, and I was not disappointed.

The restaurant is small, only seating for about 45 people. It does have a tented outside portion that wasnot open yet, which made it tight inside by the bar, however, once outside is open, it will hopefully feel less cramped. We got there at 8 pm on their first Saturday night open, so we knew we would have to wait for a while (they do not take reservations). They told us it would be an hour, which was expected, but to our surprise, it ended up being only about 30 minutes.

If you have ever eaten in any of the other restaurants they own, you will recognize the menu instantly. It is the same font and lay out as all the others, which I liked. It made me feel comfortable right away. My only true negative of the night is about the bread. It was awful bread, and they didn’t give us any bread plates. So I ate my bread off the table, which is kind of gross when I think about it. This could have been an oversight, or they need to purchase bread plates.

Our waiter was nice and he had true recommendations from the menu. He recommended the “mini Milanese,” which is veal Milanese as an appetizer. For any girl or light eater, this would be big enough for a whole meal. Thankfully, my brother has a bottomless stomach. The calamari salad was delicious, the calamari were very crispy and it was light on the dressing. The tuna tartar was refreshing and a decent size portion.

For our mains we had the burger, skirt steak, and fish and chips. Each of us truly enjoyed our meals and the shoestring french-fries were perfect. The dessert was not as strong. We ordered the flourless chocolate cake; it was overly thin and not impressive.

I have not had such great luck with trying new restaurants this summer, but I am happy to say that Little Red broke that streak. I highly recommend Little Red and envision going there a lot this summer.


Pro: Well rounded menu, nice staff, great food

Con: They need to order bread plates

Pro: It is all reasonably priced as well


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3 responses to “Little Red- A Great New Restaurant

  1. Thank you..really informative!!

  2. Andrew Penn

    Good food and reasonably priced, yes. But the wine list is ridculously overpriced. $45 for a half bottle of Jos. Phelps Cab? $58 for a run-of -the -mill Chianti? A supposedly casual bistro like this should at least have some choices in the $30 range.

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