The Fudge Company Vs Carvel- First Up: Fudge Company

With the recent opening of Carvel on Jobs Lane in Southampton, I thought it was a good time to review The Fudge Company, preparing myself for a battle of the ice cream locations. The Fudge Company has long been a favorite of mine, back when they had two locations in Southampton. I can’t help but wonder if the addition of Carvel in town will ease the crowds at The Fudge Company? My guess is no. Reason: the amount candy, chocolate covered pretzels, fudge, and Columbo frozen yogurt will keep the customers coming.

Walking into The Fudge Company, you’re never sure who to order from, where to pay, or if someone is on line in front of you. The price of a small frozen yogurt with a topping is over $6.00, which seems very high, but when in Rome, right? There is something about the mom and pop Fudge Company that is more appealing to me than Carvel, and I plan on staying loyal, unless of course, Carvel introduces fat free soft serve…


Pro: The amount of flavors of ice cream and soft serve

Con: The lines

Pro: The candy selection reminds me of visiting day at sleep-away camp


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2 responses to “The Fudge Company Vs Carvel- First Up: Fudge Company

  1. alex edwards

    when fudge company charges that much, they don’t seem very mom and pop to me!

  2. Margaret Calhoun

    I love Carvel’s low fat ice cream. It tastes much better than Fudge Co’s fat free yogurt, and it costs about half the price.

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