Dockers Waterside Restaurant and Marina- Great View, Mediocre Food

Dockers in Quogue is a place where I like to meet my friends who live in West Hampton for dinner. It does not take reservations, but sitting outside over looking the bay makes waiting bearable. The view is spectacular and there is ample room to sit and enjoy a drink.

On Tuesday and Wednesday nights, Dockers has a great Lobster special, which includes muscles, shrimp, clams, corn on the cob, a small salad, and a 1.5 pound lobster for $28. They specialize in seafood and the menu is quite large.

One of my biggest pet peeves as a diner is when a waiter does not write down your order. It does not impress me; in fact, it makes me certain something will come out incorrectly. I do not mind if you take the time to write down my order, I feel reassured that my meal will come out the way I ordered it. This did not happen at Dockers. When you have a salad that has a ton of ingredients and you have three women, no two salads are going to be the same. The salads we ordered came out wrong three times, including the sunflower seeds I told them I was allergic to. Easy fix: write down the order.

After salad-gate, the meal came out as it should, and they could not have been nicer. However, the food is pretty expensive for what it is and it’s not that great. The Hamptons does not have a lot of waterside dining options, which Dockers has, but the food is lacking.

Pro: The view is fantastic

Con: The food is mediocre

Pro: They have great live music

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2 responses to “Dockers Waterside Restaurant and Marina- Great View, Mediocre Food

  1. william H

    I disagree with some of these comments. In summer, there is no better place to go. The food is always free and great when we go. Yes, I agree when it’s busy, it can be hectic but it is one of the great places to go in the Hamptons.

    I suggest you go for yourself and see what Dockers is all about.

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