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Navy Beach- A Wind-erful Experience

I don’t drive out to Montauk as often as I should. It always seems much farther away than it actually is. However, this week my friends and I decided to make the trip on a gorgeous evening to Navy Beach.

The night was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky, and when the hostess asked us whether we would like to sit inside or out, we unanimously decided on out. Sitting on the rocky beach watching the sunset, it could not have been more beautiful. But then it changed. Within seconds the wind started to pick up, umbrellas were flipped inside out, menus were flying, people were running, it was chaos! Everyone ran inside and they boarded down the back. We were now table-less, but not beer-less, and we made the most of the situation. Within a few minutes the hostess sat us inside along the window and we started the meal over. The wind was insane, but Navy Beach dealt with it in a very professional and efficient manner.

Once we were seated inside we ordered dinner and our waiter informed us that our drinks were on the house due to the weather and our evacuation. It was unnecessary, but very nice. For an appetizer, I ordered the tuna sashimi. As quickly as I ordered it, it appeared. I hate when you know your food had been sitting in the refrigerator waiting for it to be ordered. Even the plate was cold. This is my one big con of the The main courses were made to order, and they were pretty good. We had the fish and chips, which came with cod, shrimp, and scallops, the poached cobia, and the fish tacos. The mac and cheese side was the weakest of the bunch, lacking in flavor.

The overall experience at Navy Beach was a positive one. The décor is great, nautical without being kitchy, the people who were there are extremely nice, and the food was better than average. It is not the best meal you will ever have, but it is very enjoyable.

Pro: The rocky beach makes you feel like you are in the South of France

Con: Premade appetizers

Pro: Wide variety of food on the menu


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